Writing prompts for February 2016

It’s amazing what beauty exists in the world, even when you’re not looking for it. This image is from a training walk I took last week in a local park as I get prepare to walk the Camino de Santiago this spring.
2016-01-25 08.53.18
The beams of sunlight between the orchard tress and mist in the distance took my breath away! Seeing the photo reminds me to keep looking for beauty everywhere.
This is a subtle truth: whatever you love, you are.
~ Rumi

Writing prompts for February, the month of Saint Valentine

I offer these writing prompts in the hopes that they deepen your self-awareness and lead you toward making space from what you long for. You can write your reflections in your own journal, blog, or comment on this post.

What do you love?
What stuns you with its beauty?
What do you crave more of in your life?
What gets in the way of you experiencing love?
What do you want to release so you can experience more love and connection?