What to expect when we work together

Are you meeting the three goals of a business website?

  1. To build trust and confidence in your company

  2. To facilitate sales of your products or services

  3. To attract the attention of Google and other search engines

Business and marketing experts agree that the best-ranked websites integrate these three crucial factors.

How we accomplish these goals together

When I write copy for your company, my job is to achieve all three of these goals. I do this using a specific equation:

Customer needs + your solution = trust and sales

First: Answer your customers’ most common questions.

Think of the last time you Googled something. How long do you stay on a website that don’t answer your questions directly? Not long!

People have short attention spans. If you answer their questions, visitors stay long enough for trust to grow. They are also more likely to buy from your company.

Next: We clarify what your customers need and why.

Some business websites are vague about who they help and what they do. This confuses potential customers, increasing the bounce rate and reducing sales.

It is an art to explain your company’s purpose in a way that is relevant to your customer. Instead of pushing or scaring a visitor into action, my writing draws them in with integrity and trust.

Finally, we present this information intuitively on your site.

The best websites need no explanation to use. My process includes recommending clear paths that reduce confusion and encourage action.

With these steps, your site meets the three goals of building trust, generating revenue, and attracting Google’s attention.

Be forewarned: You won’t love my writing.

When I send you the first draft, expect not to like it. Yes, I really mean that. Expect my writing to seem odd, strange, or to use words you never would.

Here’s why: You are not your customer.

My writing sometimes doesn’t “click” because you don’t share the same problems your customers have. In fact, because your business solves their issue, it’s a struggle to see the world the same way they do.

Your future customers need you to meet them where they are, using words they understand. This makes for odd-sounding, forehead-slapping content for you, but it’s exactly what potential customers look for.

Check out some samples

Completed website ghostwriting projects:

These companies have a wide range of services and markets. Notice how I change word choices, titles, and “calls to action” to match clients’ unique demographics.

Blog ghostwriting:

The following companies use regularly-updated content as part of their complete, nutritious SEO strategy. Notice how the “voice” of the content changes to reflect the style of the company—some are more folksy, others more sophisticated.

How my copy writing process works

  1. You choose the type(s) of content you want written: web pages, blog posts, or sales pages, or newsletter articles.

  2. I interview you by phone to gather all the essential information (up to one hour per project).

  3. I bill you for the service, and you submit payment. See pricing here.

  4. You receive the first draft of the copy within a week.

  5. We meet to review the draft for accuracy and tone.

  6. You get a final draft to use or edit any way you like.

Committed to your business success

Your feedback is an important part of the process. In addition to the thorough initial interview, the editing process is streamlined and efficient. This spares you endless hours of “editing by committee” and provides the best results possible.

My goal is to support your business’ growth with outstanding copy. If you ever have questions, just ask.

To sum up

Your ideal clients and Google will love this content.

My skills will help you skip the learning curve and time investment of learning marketing writing.

The strategies I use are backed up by current trends, professional experience, and industry research.

My experience makes the process streamlined and effective, which saves you money and time.

Ready to proceed?

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