Ghostwriting: Website content for your small business


Damn-good ghostwriting for your small business

You wish great writing would magically appear on your website.

You want your site:

1. To look current

2. To generate new traffic

3. To help visitors decide to buy

The problem is: you don’t have time.

You don’t have time to write. And you certainly don’t have time to keep up with SEO trends. If only it would appear on your website with the wave of a wand.

The other problem: the White Screen of Death.

Although you’re capable of writing for your business, you’ve faced that blank document before. The cursor blinks, and no words come. What do you write? Is there anything new under the sun? 

That’s where ghostwriting come in. 

A ghostwriter sees your business with fresh eyes. They take your vast knowledge and make your company shine. A ghostwriter generates website content that’s both Google-friendly and useful and engaging to your potential customers.

I love ghostwriting

My work is to do a Vulcan mind-meld, pulling from your brain what you know know about your industry and its customers. With this information, I produce interesting, engaging, SEO-focused copy for your business website.

Instead of doing the writing yourself, it magically appears. You get all the benefits of an up-to-date website—with a fraction of the time investment and almost no frustration.

Ghostwriting supports your goals

When we work together, you get great website content that:

  • addresses the needs of your target market

  • sounds like your company’s brand and “voice”

  • helps build customer trust

  • attracts new visitors from Google searches

Note: This content is yours. You can use it any way you like, with no copyright or attribution to me. For example, you can reuse it in a newsletter, on social media, or compile blog content into a book to generate additional profits.

Bottom line:

Once you pay me, the content is yours to use forever.

Why I’m the best choice for small business ghostwriting

Jennifer Hofmann ghostwriting and blogging for small buisnessI’m both a practitioner and an expert. Since 2007, I’ve run a web-based business using online strategies to promote my products and services. In addition, I’m a part-time instructor for my local Small Business Development Center where I teach small business owners strategies to generate sales online.

The online marketing game changes constantly. I nerd out on keeping up with it. The best way to stay relevant online is consistently producing excellent, key-word rich content.

You’re my ideal ghostwriting client

If you have a growing business with at least a few staff on board

If you’re innovative, and your business is an outgrowth of your passion

If you want to increase your sales without increasing your marketing workload

If you like delegating work to knowledgeable, competent experts

Businesses and owners like these get the best results from my writing. Do they sound like you?

Ghostwriting options

1. I write your website copy

If you are creating a new website or rebranding an old one, you need compelling copy that answers key questions and engages customers. Website copy can include pages like Home, About, FAQs, and more. My content development strategy is consistent with current SEO practices and based on years of experience running an online business.

2. I keep your blog up-to-date

If you’re neglecting your blog, you are missing out on a fundamental SEO opportunity. Content is key to getting Google’s attention and standing out from your competition. As a ghostwriter, I can turn what you know into weekly, twice-monthly, or monthly blog posts.

As a blogger since 2007, I understand how this strategy is changing and how to stay on top of trends for the best results.

3. I help you make money (sales pages)

If your products and services pages are not written with the customer in mind, your sales might be lackluster. That’s why I use time-tested techniques to write sales pages that convert visitors to paying customers and/or qualified leads.

For best results: My sales page writing skills will absolutely make you money if…

1. You have solid products and/or services

2. Your site has a clear check-out/lead generating process

3. You are using an up-to-date strategy to drive traffic to your site

If not, let’s talk. I can help you get more leads and sales by working on the pages that make you money.

How marketing ghostwriting works

  1. You choose which of my services you need:

    • Web site copy

    • Blog post

    • Sales page

  2. I interview you by phone to gather information (mind melds are not painful and can be a lot of fun!).

  3. You pay my invoice for the service.

  4. You receive the rough draft.

  5. We meet by phone to review the draft for tone and accuracy.

  6. You receive a final edited draft to use or edit any way you like.

Ghostwriting options and prices for 2017

writingt1. Website pages: $175 each

Basic website pages are 300-400 words long (a Google-recommended minimum). I use SEO-focused keywords and write in your company’s voice. This includes one revision. Copy over 400 words is $0.60/word.

writing2. Blog posts: $175 each

Blog posts are 300-400 words long (a Google-recommended minimum). I use SEO-focused keywords and write in your company’s voice. This includes one revision. Copy over 400 words is $0.60/word.

At present, I have room for two blogging clients for either bi-monthly or weekly blog posts.

writing3. Sales pages: $350 each

Sales page length is about 600-800 words featuring one specific product or service. I use ethical sales psychology to create compelling copy. This encourages the reader to decide whether to purchase your product or service. This service includes one revision. Copy over 800 words is $0.60/word.

writing4. Additional revisions and edits


All fees above include one revision. I’m an attentive listener who is an experienced and efficient writer. My goal is to complete my projects with one revision. However, if you want additional revisions, they are $75/hr.


If you have copy you’ve already written and want me to edit it, I also charge $75 an hour for this service.

Want me to ghostwrite for your business?

Not everyone wants to stay on top of the latest SEO and sales-writing strategies (or face the White Screen of Death), but I do!

If you’d rather hire a qualified, competent marketing expert to make it magically appear, I’m your ghostwriter.

Sign up below to set up a no-cost, pressure-free inquiry session. I look forward to hearing all about you and your business goals.


P.S. On the fence? Click here to read more and see samples of my ghostwriting.