Declutter Retreats

Longing for clear space?

Sometimes your clutter feels old and emotionally heavy—even when it’s hidden away.

You want the clutter gone, but the very thought of starting makes you tired. You struggle to find the energy and focus to start working on it.

Is that putting it mildly?

You need a different approach.

In my experience, there are five actions that profoundly affect how willing you feel to declutter your space:

  • Setting an intention
  • Clearly defining what you’ll do (and won’t do)
  • Setting a reasonable amount of time to do decluttering (not too much and not too little)
  • Pausing for self-care breaks
  • Working with a friendly buddy or two

Doing clutter differently

It’s possible to use these five strategies on your own and get wonderful results.

If you want to try these strategies with compassionate guidance, I invite you to attend my next Declutter Retreat.

Declutter Retreats

A live, virtual class to gently and effectively declutter your space

Instead of resistance to starting your clutter projects, it is possible for you to feel…







Eager to continue

Sound like a tall order? It’s not.

Every month, Declutter Retreat participants tell me how astonished they are by what they accomplish and how proud they feel of their efforts. After a few hours, they see and feel a visible difference in their spaces.

The great company, shared celebrations, Jen’s compassionate facilitation and the work/rest/celebrate structure of the day makes a molehill out of any mountain. And I have empty closets and floor space and peace of mind to prove it!

~ Crystal Wood,  Maryland

How Declutter Retreats work

1. Call in

On a long-distance conference line with fellow participants, I lead you through an process that helps you focus your intention, find inner motivation, and cultivate clarity about your action steps.

2. Start working

Hang up the phone and begin working on your clutter project.

3. Check in

At set intervals, you call in to get support and inspiration to continue.

One of the many great things about Declutter Retreats is that the work chunks of time are do-able. Plan a day from 8-4, and it sounds exhausting. But with 90-minute work periods with support in between, and it’s an entirely different day.

~ Gayle Starker, Vancouver, WA

Here’s what you get in the Declutter Retreat

  • Time: Three and a half hours of focused clearing on a cluttered area of your home.
  • Focus: My gentle, experienced guidance to find motivation for working through your clutter.
  • Guidance: Real-time support for your decluttering project, especially if you get stuck.
  • Community: Working alongside other smart, creative people creates fun and encouragement.
  • The Declutter Kit: Time-tested information about how to plan future declutter projects on your own (via PDF, value $38).
  • Clear space: By the retreat’s end, your space will look and feel noticeably clearer.

Declutter Retreats give me a large amount of focused, supported time to work through problem areas. Sometimes it is physical space that I’m working through. Another time, I worked through mental/emotional space in regards to my music. It’s very cool to have support of others to do what needs to be done.

~ Mary Ellen Grace, Grace Notes Music

image of Jennifer HofmannAbout me

If we’ve never met before, hello there! I’m Jen.

As a creative person, I’m no stranger to clutter and disorganization. In fact, I struggled with both for three decades before discovering gentle ways to get organized that didn’t involve chastising, shaming myself, or rigid, perfectionistic techniques. It actually worked.

In 2008, my organizing business was born. Declutter Retreats have been around ever since because I need them as much as you do, and I love teaching them. I hope you’ll join me.

Participation prerequisites

There are two conditions for participating in the Declutter Retreats.

Prerequisite 1. You must have an area in your home that’s currently cluttered. For example, it could be a coat closet, your desk, or the area in the kitchen where everything gets dropped. Have somewhere in mind?

Prerequisite 2: You’ll get the best results if you minimize distractions by pets, phone, and family during the retreat.

Summer Only: Bring-a-Friend Special

Sign up for one or both retreats in August, and bring a friend at no cost. Declutter Retreats are more fun with friends! Invite your sister, your daughter, your mom, or your bestie to join you–and either treat them to the experience or split the difference. (See dates below!)

To keep things simple:

  • One person pays for the whole or half day class.
  • When you register, send me the email address of your invitee.
  • I’ll send you all the info the week before the retreat takes place.


The Declutter Retreat is an effective, unique approach to decluttering the stuff you don’t need. If you participate fully the day of the retreat and complete all the worksheets included in the program, yet don’t think you got what was promised, I will refund your money. I will ask for your suggestions to improve it in the future, but otherwise no questions asked.

I love the blocks of time because even if I’m not perfectly focused or productive, I STILL get something done! And sometimes I get a LOT done! Plus, knowing that others are doing something similar in their space helps decrease the isolation!

~ Christine Weddle,


Does this really work virtually?
If you’re skeptical, I don’t blame you. I’m a pen-and-paper girl myself! The proof is in the results; time and again, participants tell me they can’t believe how much they accomplished in a day, how supported they feel, and how confident that they could do more on their own. Despite the fact that no one can see me or other participants, my processes create intrinsic motivation (meaning the energy comes from within you, rather than from me pushing). Some participants tell me they even continue clearing for several days after the retreat ends.

In addition to being effective, Declutter Retreats are often a heart-opening experience too. We create an environment of kindness and respect in which people feel safe to be themselves and honest about the realities of their clutter. This creates another kind of clearing—inside of us. In other words, yes, this really works virtually.

Can I sign up for the whole day?
Absolutely! The retreats are three and a half hours back to back—one in the morning (Pacific time) and the other in the afternoon. This allows for people with lower energy, limited time, or who want to try it out at a lower price point. In the past, Declutter Retreats have been an all-day program providing fantastic results. So sign up for both if it calls to you!

What if I can’t check in at the mid-point or call in at the end?
The most important call is the first one because it’s the time when you create your plan and your intention for the retreat. The midpoint and ending calls are meant to be encouraging, focused, and fun. They’re there to support you if you hit a snag, but I recommend that you choose what works for you.

I can’t attend this month. Can you tell me when the next one is happening?
Sure! They’re happening every month through April 2016, usually on the third Friday. You can sign up for them the beginning of each month.

Are you ready to have more clear space and less clutter?

Choose from the upcoming Declutter Retreat dates:

$50 – Friday, August 12, 2016 – morning (8:30am-12:00pm Pacific / your time)
When you register, include a note with the name of your friend attending with you.

$50 – Friday, August 12, 2016 – afternoon (1:00pm-4:30pm Pacific / your time)
When you register, include a note with the name of your friend attending with you.

P.S. If you’d really like to attend, but it’s not in your budget, read more here about my Pay What You Can option.

P.S.S. The August Declutter Retreat date is TBA.