The book-writing vortex 2

Right now, I’m devoting every spare minute between breakfast and bedtime to working on my book.

Last week, I reached 63,000 words and, after a year of effort, wrote the final scene. The celebration was immense. It was also short-lived when I realized this accomplishment is only a fraction of the journey. Next comes filling in the gaps and then editing. And rewriting. And editing some more. Who knows how long that could take.

If you’re a writer yourself, you understand the daunting project that awaits me.

But if you’ve noticed crickets chirping on this end of the line, it’s because I think of things to post here daily and instead use that writing time for the book.

Words of encouragement and news of your own journeys (inner or outer) are welcome comments in the meantime. Be on the look out too—miraculously, I’ve got a post scheduled to publish soon!

2 thoughts on “The book-writing vortex

  • Beth Thompson

    I am more or less there with you, I have a mountain of material. Due to an exhibit last fall, it occurred to me edit each chapter, greatly simplifying both the pictures and text in the book. Since I have no idea how or if it will be published by anyone other than me, I’ve started formatting the work myself. I have started 3 times, each time with a different page size! So each time from the beginning! At this moment it languishes, as I prep new material to be released on my website in the new year. I am crossing my fingers that this 3rd page size will be the final page size.

    • Jennifer Hofmann Post author

      I think hope is a crucial element in the creative process, so I share your sentiments for your big project, Beth. Wishing you the best!

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