Facilitating groups of engaged, passionate people is one of my favorite things in the world.

I love drawing people out, helping them recognize their own strengths and wisdom, and inspiring groups to commit to each other and their work.

For those reasons, I offer these presentations for your group to consider.

Activist Spirit: A soulful retreat for people of conscience — June 16 – 21, 2020

In this five-day virtual retreat, we’ll explore big questions about change, fear, and transformation with teachers whose expertise can light our path. If you know we have work to do as a nation, this retreat gives you tools to ground yourself and persevere.

Read all about the Activist Spirit Virtual Retreat.

Together We Are More: Hands-on experience for teams


Sometimes we’re so engaged in the work of activism and what’s going on out there, we don’t stop to notice the good that’s happening in our group. Understanding our group’s strengths can create cohesion and make our efforts more effective. In this workshop, you will see activism happening in real time and discover new things about your own leadership. Laughter guaranteed as you discover what makes your group great and come away with a new appreciation for how powerful we are together.


45-60 minutes

Learning objectives:

Understand what makes this group effective

Perceive the value of different leadership styles

Observe ways in which personality impact group goals

Appreciate the complexity of creating change

Have fun

Answering the Call: Meaningful activism without burning out


As activists, we regularly encounter distressing news and aspects of human nature that oppose our deeply-held values. With a stable, nourishing foundation, we can prevent the weariness and strain that this stress causes. In this interactive presentation, get inspired to cultivate groundedness and resilience in your life. You’ll come away with an actual plan to help you flourish through challenge. 


45-60 minutes

Learning objectives:

Discern one’s activism priorities and values.
Understand the nature and elements of a supportive foundation.
Plan how to move from reaction to purposeful action.
Develop a personal activism plan that includes self-care and prevents burnout.

The Art of Bringing Light to Dark Times


If you feel helpless watching the news and fear that nothing you do can change it, you’re not alone. Our nation is in the middle of an distressing period that seems unsolvable. When people experience ongoing chaos, it causes some to become cynical, to withdraw, or to focus on distant goals. If you believe that all people should be treated with dignity, it’s crucial to find courage in these times. In this talk, we’ll explore the spiritual opportunities present in a chaotic world. Jennifer will help you find a well of courage within and offer new ideas for bringing light to stressful times.


30-45 minutes

Learning Objectives:

Understand what makes the current political (US) situation so stressful.
Perceive the spiritual aspects of facing difficulty.
Learn about three different heart-centered practices that can provide uplift and perseverance.

A note on fees

Although I have official speaking fees, I do give consideration to activism and non-profit events on a reduced or pro bono basis. If you’re looking for an inspiring, sincere, and enthusiastic presenter, let’s talk!

About Jen

Jennifer Hofmann was many things before the 2016 presidential election: a blogger, a writer, two-time pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago, a teacher of social media strategy, and an entrepreneur. After that election, she left her comfort zone. She began publishing a checklist of bipartisan actions to help concerned citizens speak up in these chaotic times. The Americans of Conscience Checklist now reaches well over 100,000 people around the nation and as far away as Fiji.

Though much has changed since 2016, Jen is still married to her wife of 13 years, a proud auntie to two teen girls, and a doting cat mom. Above all, Jen a seeker and remains devoted to walking with the mystery.