Please help us share the AoCC with more people 4

Numbers equal strength.

Last month, my social media team and I created an ambitious, 15-point plan to double the number of AoCC subscribers.

Our plan includes:

  • a new website and website copy
  • professional marketing
  • branding and logo design
  • social media ads (possibly)
  • ┬ávideo (hopefully)

After we announced this goal, two generous angels offered to match up to $5,000 to fund the effort and inspire others to give. Their generosity blew me away. (I cried.)

If we raise $5,000, I can cash those two angel checks–allowing us to do the most good and reach the most people with high-quality actions.

As of July 14, we’ve already raised $1,890!

If you’ve been around the Checklist a while, you know we don’t ask for donations often (just twice a year, actually). Our well-formulated plan has a clear goal (double subscribers) and a clear timeline (by November 1). Your contribution will be doubled and put to immediate good use.

If you’re not able to give, no stress! But if you are, just choose:

  • PayPal (secure, no account needed)
  • A check to Jennifer Hofmann, P.O. Box 9233, Brooks, OR, 97305

Note: Because I run a writing business of which the Checklist is a part, I report all contributions as income to the IRS.

Any amount helps. I can’t wait to launch this!


4 thoughts on “Please help us share the AoCC with more people

  • Dena Testa Bray


    You have my full support. Paypal link would not let me make a contribution without an account, so I will send you a check.


  • Patricia Folsom

    Thank you so much. I read this every time it comes out and do what I can. You are the best!

  • agk

    Congratulations! An honor well deserved and demonstrates the gratitude of many of us.
    A check will be in the mail.

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