Is once enough?

a cast iron pan lasts forever

Buy it once?

I love everything about a company I just discovered called Buy Me Once.

It’s an online shop that sells only products that are made to last for life, have outstanding guarantees, and/or have earth-friendly manufacturing processes. Is this a dream?

The idea comes in response to our throw-away culture where everything—including cell phones, clothes, and even cars—are considered disposable. An object that lasts forever isn’t profitable (to the company who sells them). When I was a kid, there was a repair shop in every neighborhood, but I can’t remember the last time I saw one.

The difference between price and value

When I discovered, I got really excited. It’s trendy and old-fashioned at the same time. It’s a collection of

I admit, I’m so used to being able to buy almost anything for cheap. Cheap sneakers, cheap food, cheap books. It’s part of our mindset as a culture to look for the best deal. When I see something expensive, I immediately think, No way. We unconsciously equate low price with desirability.

Never needing to replace something means it costs more upfront. After recovering from sticker shock, I had a realization: I probably spend more on shoes or cookware over a lifetime than any single item costs on this site. If I never need to replace my coat again, for example, the quoted price becomes a fantastic deal.

If that coat is out of my current budget, for example, I have the option of saving up my money (also an old-fashioned concept) until I have enough for my lifetime coat.

A change is coming

I’ve been helping people let go of their stuff for years, but the the idea of preventing stuff in the first place thrills me. A change is happening in our mindsets about the value of less, of better, and consequently having more time to do stuff we love.

What’s really fantastic is the overwhelming response the owner, Tara Button, is receiving about her company. Although it started in England, immediate demand grew to make the site international so US customers could shop there.

I know this post reads like a plug for Buy Me Once, but it’s not. I just love their idea. I (heart) it.

Try it

You don’t need to buy from this specific company to have things that last. If the idea of buying something “for good” speaks to you, consider paying attention to how and what you buy. Before purchasing, pause to reflect on how long it will last.

Creating more consciousness (guilt-free, by the way!) might give you some interesting information you can use to simplify your life. How much more time would you save over your life not having to replace things or stay on top of trends? What if once was enough?

Tell me, what have you bought lately that has a long lifespan?