How spring cleaning supports your authentic self

Spring cleaning isn’t just for 1950’s housewives

Intentional clearing is a ritual–a sacred process–that creates space for who you really are today, and supports where you’re hoping to go next.

It’s sacred work

The things you own have the power to affect your sense of peace, motivation, energy, and overall contentment.

When you release what’s past, you make energetic room for what wants to be brought to life. It frees you to answer life’s calling to important, soul work, rather than cleaning, repairing, and maintaining stuff you don’t love.

Sloughing off what isn’t you

Every time you purge, you peel back another layer of crusty, dead energy. Whether it’s…

  • releasing a too-big pair of jeans (and false beliefs about your size
  • donating an emotionally-laden gift (and guilt along with it)
  • shredding old projects (and any “shoulds” with them)

…purging is liberation.

With every mindful decision, you create more ease, simplicity, and flow in your life. Your space more deeply represents the authentic you.

More potent in community

You can do this kind of releasing in company to get even more powerful results. To be clear, avoid the get-tough, opinionated, or judgmental kind of company (which tends to squelch natural enthusiasm). Seek out sincere, encouraging community of people on the same soulful path.

Simplify: Your Space

Clear and purge your heaviest, stuck-est places in your home and reclaim space to be fully yourself. This kind of spring cleaning can be life changing.

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