A December fundraiser for Americans of Conscience

Three women changing the world

1. The talented writer

Have you ever met someone who’s faced the worst life can dish out, and you just marvel at their courage in spite of all that’s happened?

That’s Juana. She’s a talented writer, funny, smart, and passionate about social justice. When she interviewed to join the team of social media volunteers, what impressed me most was her courage to speak the truth about domestic violence and seek to help other people heal who’ve faced the same. Despite her past, she’s giving back and working her tail off to make the world better. Seriously. Amazing.

Juana has had an ongoing struggle to find good work in her new town. From the minute we met, I thought, “I want to hire her to help with the checklist.” But it wasn’t in my budget. So I’ve been grateful for Juana’s help as a social media volunteer. Still. In the back of my mind…

2. The Kind (anonymous) Soul

Recently, a lovely person made a donation in my name to an organization that serves asylum seekers (an issue dear to my heart). When I gushed my gratitude in an email, the topic came up about other places she might donate.

And that little thought came back to Juana.

After a honest, heartfelt conversation, this Kind Soul offered to match donations up to $2,500 to support Juana’s working with me.

I was in tears.

When I asked Juana if she wanted to collaborate, it was her turn for tears. All the stars were aligning.

3. Passionate but mildly-weary Jen

Every one of my sage adviser sisters expressed concern recently about my well-being and the long-term sustainability of the checklist if I don’t get help.

They were right. I’ve been in physical pain since October from constant computer use. The mental and emotional fatigue of bad news, and the sacrifices of time with friends and family has been really hard. Without help, I know this work can’t continue to the 2020 election (my wish). To do that, I need to make a change.

The December goal

With a donation…

  • You’d help double Kind Soul’s matching donation.
  • You’d remarkably improve the life of a talented writer.
  • You’d help us reach even more organizations doing good work and amplify their calls to action.
  • And you’d support me directly in sustainably reaching over 70,000 people each week with well-researched actions that uplift, inspire, and advocate for the country we want to live in.

If you have the means, that’s a dang-good bang for your buck.

Two ways to contribute to the match:

  1. Donate through PayPal and make a note “For Juana” in the comment box.
  2. Send a check with “for Juana” in the memo line to Jennifer Hofmann, P.O. Box 9233, Brooks, OR 97305

I will apply 100% of match donations (minus PayPal fees) to compensating Juana’s time

Thank you for considering this special fundraiser. Whether you can give or not, I’m so grateful for all we are creating together to work for justice, equality, and kindness.