Happiness is taking away their toys

If you’ve ever needed a good reason to start decluttering your home, this article from Narratively.com might convince you to take the plunge. It’s about two different families who came to the same conclusion: their kids had too many toys.

When these parents removed a significant percentage of toys, the kids themselves reported being happier. Parents noticed with astonishment as their children began doing chores more consistently and using their skills of collaboration and creativity in the absence of excess stimulation.

Although the article is specifically about kids and parents, the bottom line applies to all humans: having few possessions means fewer decisions. With less stimulation, your stress decreases as your sense of contentment grows. With less stuff, for example, you have more time to connect with others. Hobbies (remember those?) could actually gain a foothold in your life.

When I downsized my wardrobe to five outfits this year, I was initially concerned I’d have to do more laundry. Instead, the chore that once took up three hours every weekend now fills just one. Weekends are more relaxed with time for spontaneous activities with my wife. What a trade-off!

Have you noticed a difference in your life when you release unused items or clutter?