Clutter and Organizing

Wisdom from a formerly-cluttered, always-late, ADHD…

Oooh, shiiiny!

For almost a decade, I helped cluttered, creative women organize their home offices by learning how to be kind, curious, and compassionate toward themselves. H have firsthand experience with clutter from my own personal struggles. In my classes, I taught the same techniques I discovered to get my own wacky, random, creative self organized at last.

Over that time, I wrote several ebooks and workbooks to help with the tedious-but-rewarding process of overhauling life from the basement up.

Clear the mind-clutter along with the outer clutter

My guiding belief is that we’re here to do something. You. Me. We’re here for something important. In other words, I couldn’t care less about labeling your spices or having your laundry folded the right way. That doesn’t matter as much as your inherent gifts do.

What I believe is that we’re here to live fully with our whole hearts, using the gifts we’ve got to leave this beautiful planet and its inhabitants better than we found them.

When you know WHY, the What and How are obvious

Because of my belief in you and your ability to change the world, I’m offering all of my organizing-related ebooks for download. Over the years, hundreds of people have used these to clear their spaces, minds, and set up spaces to discover and support life-changing work.

Four ebooks

Here’s the order I recommend:

  1. Create a vision with The Wish Kit
  2. Gently dig into your clutter using The Declutter Kit
  3. Organize what’s left over with How to Organize Anything
  4. Find inspiration to keep going from my full-length Organizing Book

Just click to download them. Yes, really.

Note: These materials are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission, however you are welcome to print a personal copy. Thanks for honoring this.

If you find one or all of them helpful, please comment below and consider making a donation on my Patreon page.

With some time, a clear intention, and a desire to life life to the fullest, the clutter and disorder will dissolve! Ask me how I know! 😉