inspirationMy not-yet-named memoir

In 2013, I turned forty and left the familiar, if predictable comforts of home to walk 500 miles across northern Spain. Alone.

Out of my element, homesick, and hobbled by illness, the threat of quitting loomed large. However, the experience changed my life. Slowly.

In the year that followed my pilgrimage, I faced my deepest fears to discover what really matters in life.

If the writing gods smile on me, this memoir is slated to be available in 2017.

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eBooks for cluttered creatives

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Resources for Camino pilgrims

After reading too many forums and opinions on gear, I developed the most helpful, flexible Camino packing list ever. Really. With over a thousand downloads, people tell me all the time how useful it was on their Way. Check it out.

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