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It occurred to me this morning how a crazy a thing it is coming all the way to Hawaii to work on a book about the Camino de Santiago. The different energetic qualities of these two locales could hardly be more different. The Camino is about grit, faith, and hard-earned rewards. Hawaii is lush, steeped in ancient tradition, and my focus here is physical repose. My adventurous self wants to get out and explore—an urge at odds with my need to sit on my butt and write!

Surrounded by tropical beauty, it may take some effort to go back in my mind to write about my pilgrimage. At this stage, my work is about recording an inner journey, rather than taking a new, outer one. As for most Type A types, sitting still and letting go of control are hard. Being silent long enough to hear whispers of truth requires true discipline. Book-writing is quiet work, no visible peaks to scale or villians to vanquish or derring do to speak of, but a worthwhile journey nonetheless. Writing is the art of of uncovering the soul’s sacred wisdom and conveying it in service to the world’s consciousness.

I’m surprised when I realize that I do, it turns out, know something of discipline. When I was in Spain, the pilgrimage involved walking many miles day after day, trusting that the destination will reveal itself, and opening myself to the satisfying pleasure of effort. Book-writing is no different. Sitting still is a discipline. Trusting that the words will come takes faith. My current goal is a finished manuscript, but enjoying the process while working toward a destination is a life-long practice. My million steps across northern Spain taught me this.

So, I’m making peace with my Hawaiian wallpaper — a gorgeous place to enjoy from the seat of my writing spot. Perhaps I’ll venture out later as my story takes shape, but, for now, I journey back to the Camino in my mind.

Aloha and buen camino!

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2 thoughts on “Aloha and buen camino!

  • Jennifer Hofmann Post author

    You make me smile, Muriel! Whether or not my way is more classy, our respective escapes to the beach are motivated by self-care and nurturing. May you experience much more (and without so much rain)!

  • Muriel

    Thank you, Jennifer. In fact I think I do experience more and more, even if it is in a very different way… You know, putting the camino spirit in my inner life, I think I might be near there 😉

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