Trail Angels

Trail angels are the people you meet on the path—literal and figurative—who do a kindness when it’s least expected. They restore your faith in humanity and give you strength to continue.

As my work spreads, some of my readers are inspired enough by it to support my writing. These trail angels inspire me in return and encourage me to keep seeking, reporting back from the front lines of courageous soul work.

If you’re on this list, I am more grateful than I can say. Thank you for believing in me and in the amazing things we can accomplish when we work together.

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Aaron S
Adelaide O
Adriana E
Alan S
Alec & Sharon B
Alessandra B
Alex D
Alex W
Alexandra D
Alice K
Alice L
Allison M
Alys M
Amelia R
Amy S
Andrea W
Andrew B
Aneesh B
Angela S
Ann N
Anne D
Anne H
Anne K
Anne L
Anne P
Anne R
Anne T
Anne-Christine S
April B
Ashley S
Aubrey K
Barbara A
Barbara B
Barbara F
Barbara M
Bart D
Becky B
Bernadette D
Beth B
Beth G
Betsy L
Beverly C
Brooks L.B.
Bucky F
Camille M
Candice H
Candice L
Carissa H
Carol B
Carol Lynn S
Carolyn J
Carolyn W
Carson K
Catherine A
Charles N
Charlotte G
Christina L
Christina S
Christine A
Cindy D
Cookie J
Corinne S
Craig C
Craig R
Cris B
Cristina P
Cyd C
Cynthia B
Dana D
Daphne K
Darcy F
Darlene C
David B
Deb H
Debbi P
Debora P
Deborah B
Deborah H
Deborah L
Debra B
Debra C
Debra L
Debra M
Denise C
Dernham L
Diana B
Diana F
Diana S
Diane G
Dianne S
Douglas C
Drew H
Eileen C
Eli J
Elisabeth S
Elizabeth C
Elizabeth E
Elizabeth J
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth T.D.
Ellen F
Emily K
Emily O
Erika L
Eryn H
Eve B
Fred C
Frederika J
Gayle F
George & Anna C
Goat M
Greta H
Gwen G
Hannah B
Hannah M
Heather C
Heather G
Heather M
Heidi P
Helene S.R.
Hilary W
Holli H
Ileen O
Ilona K
Jack & Julie R
Jacquee P
James G
Jamie H
Jan W
Jane C
Jane H
Jane V
Janet S
Jeanne H
Jeannie R
Jennifer C
Jennifer D
Jennifer O
Jennifer S
Jessica S
Jett J
Jimmy H
Jo C
John M
Jonathan C
Josefa S
Judith J
Judith T
Julie D
Kara K
Kara L
Karen C
Karen G
Karen T
Karla A
Kat K
Katherine L
Katherine W
Kathleen C
Kathryn M
Kathy G
Kathy K
Kathy U
Kathy W
Kelly K
Ken S
Kenneth K
Kenzie M
Kim P
Kimberley D
Kimberly R
Kirsten L
Kirsten V
Kris P
Kristin O
Kristine A
Kunle D
Larry B
Laura C
Laura D
Laura L
Lauren S
Laurie M
Lee C
Leslie K
Lester B
Lianne R
Linda F
Linda G
Linda N
Linda W
Lisa D
Lisa G
Lisa H
Lisa M
Lisa S
Liza B
Lola C
Louise L
Louise M
Maeghan G
Maggie M
Maggie V.D.
Manette M
Marcia B
Marco C
Margaret A
Margaret R
Marguerite O
Maria S
Marian G
Marissa B
Marjorie B
Marsha P.E.
Marsha W
Martha F
Mary M
Mary O
Mary S
Mary W
Mary Z
Mary Anne B
Mary Lou B
Masumi H.S.
Maureen F
Meghan G
Melanie S
Melinda P
Melissa A
Melissa G
Melissa J
Melissa Z
Meredith K
Merel J
Meryl F
Michele H
Michele I
Michelle L
Mikey S
Miriam K
Missy S
Molly G
Mona H
Mona Z
Montana B
Nancy B
Nancy C
Nancy E
Nancy M.A.
Nate M
Nicole A
Nicole N
Pamela B
Pamela H
Patricia A
Peg C
Peg D
Piscilla S
Priscilla V
Rain P
Randy R
Ranice C
Rebecca E
Rebecca Anne P
Rebeccah H
Renee D
Reta L
Richard S
Roberto B
Rochelle P
Rose C
Ross K
Rossella M.J.
Sandra B
Sandra G
Sandra R
Saoirse M
Sarah S
Sarah W
Sharon A
Sharon W
Sharry T
Sherry M
Simona M
Skeeter B
Soo-Rae H
stephen W
Suburban S
Sue H
Susan A
Susan B
Susan D
Susan H
Susan K
Susan L
Susan S
Susan W.S.
Susan Y
Susie H
Talitha J
Tama A
Tania M
Tanya V.S.
Teresa B
Teresa B
Terri P
Thalia P
Theresa M
Tim B
Tracy H
Ty D
Victoria O
Virginia L
Warren C
Wayne T
Wayne W
Wendy F
Wendy G
Wendy J
Zoe M

If you’d like to be on this list too, check out my Patreon page.