6 months down: A reminder for tender-hearted activists 7

You’re making a difference.

It’s been exactly six months since the election, and change feels glacial.

If you’re making calls and being engaged, it may feel like you’re shouting into a vortex. Like nothing is happening.

However. Your voice is helping elected leaders understand what you believe in. Your voice is reminding them of who they serve. Your voice is singing out on behalf of all Americans—the voiceless, the oppressed, the incarcerated. Bottom line: Your voice affects policies and decisions, thoughts and actions.

I know it’s slow going. But it’s working. For example, no Senator will pass the healthcare bill in its current form because they understand Americans like having healthcare. Not access. Actual care. This change is happening as a direct result of you speaking up. Like that scene in Finding Nemo—”Swim down! Swim down!”—all of us working together creates change.

Take good care of you.

If you’re like me, you’ve been following the Comey firing fallout like an addict. Your heart rate goes up with every bit of “breaking!” news. Some part of you knows this isn’t healthy, and it’s important to listen to that wisdom.

When your nervous system is ramped up, it makes you less resourceful, less kind, and less hopeful. With so much going on, it might seem counter-intuitive to step away from media and activism, but caring for yourself has never been more important. Occasional breaks will help sustain your well-being no matter what’s in the news.

Can you commit to doing one restful, good-for-you thing this week?

A heart project.

Even though my Americans of Conscience checklist offers clear actions to respond meaningfully to the news, you’re not a robot programmed to make calls and write postcards. Activism is emotional and can be tiring. Helping you stay well on this journey matters to me. Our movement can’t afford for you to burn out.

Because of this, I’m exploring writing a handbook for the activist’s soul. Its purpose would be to help you take a deep breath, find hope and courage, and commit to the journey indefinitely and sustainably.

If you’d like to learn more about this project, sign up here for more details.

In the meantime, pursue wellness and take good care of yourself.


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