Activism, adventures, and damn-good ghostwriting


Hi! I’m Jennifer Hofmann, and I wear three hats:

Action Checklist for Americans of Conscience

I write weekly actions for positive change so Americans of conscience can get engaged in their democracy.

Every week, you can help make a positive difference in our country by sharing your values and advocating for issues that matter.

SEO-focused ghostwriting for your small businesswriting

If you have an innovative small business, it’s hard to find time to write new, interesting stuff on your website.

As a ghostwriter, I have a blast using your vast knowledge to produce engaging, Google-friendly content for your website or blog.

All client spaces are full. Contact me to be added to the wait list here.

inspirationInspiration for fellow adventurous souls

Travel changes us.  What you learn out on the trail helps us grow into wiser people.

I write about how adventurous journeys help us bring peace and healing to our bruised and beautiful world.

Check out my books and blog articles.

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In the words of one fan,

“You are not just a writer. You are a wise and curious soul who draws the wisdom and curiosity from others.”

I look forward to being on the journey with you!