Writing from the heart

Have you ever wished for clarity about why you’re here?

After walking for forty days across northern Spain, I had a realization: I’m a writer.

This shouldn’t have been an epiphany for me, but it was. Despite writing since I was little, writing my own blog for years, and even teaching adults to write, it was so much a part of me, I didn’t see it.

Until—in a blinding flash of the obvious—I saw it. And my life changed for good.

Writing has always been my soul’s work.

When I returned from Spain in 2013, I made the difficult choice to close my old business and begin to write professionally. Today…

I write about the Camino de Santiago.

I write about the journey of spiritual awakening through travel.

I ghostwrite for small business blogs and websites.

And I’m working on an upcoming memoir about one woman’s midlife transformation (mine) toward wholeness.

My writing comes from an innate curiosity about the world and the sheer pleasure of choosing just the right word.

Do you wish for more?

The people I interact with in my life and work are also curious about the world. They read avidly—or wish they had time to get through that stack of books.

My favorite people are seekers, questioners, thinkers, and do-ers who are driven by an innate passion for life. They are searching for answers within themselves and through exploring this big, bruised, and beautiful world.

I’d love to spend more time together.

For inspiration, I invite you to subscribe to my blog here, or get in touch to share what’s on your mind.

Either way, I look forward to connecting with you. Thanks for reading.