Inspiring adventures and damn-good ghostwriting


Hi! I’m Jennifer Hofmann, and I wear two hats:



SEO-focused ghostwriting for your small business

If you have an innovative small business, you know it’s a good idea to add new, interesting articles to your website on a regular basis. The problem is you don’t have time to write—much less stay on top of changing SEO strategies.

That’s how I help. My Google-friendly ghostwriting makes your business more visible online and builds trust with new customers.

I use your vast knowledge to write engaging content for your website or blog. It just magically appears!

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inspirationInspiration and ideas for fellow soul explorers

Travel changes us.  We can use what we learn out on the trail and on the road to grow into a wiser, more soulful version of ourselves.

I believe that when we understand who we are and why we’re here, we can contribute peace and healing to our beautiful, bruised world.

If you seek to make meaning from your own life’s adventures, I write articles and books that provide insightful guidance about the journey.

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Together: A balance of left-brain logic and right-brained creativity

I’m a systems person with a creative, adventurous heart, a pragmatist who believes in serendipity and magic. My journeys have taught me the value of listening to myself and to others.

In the words of one fan,

“You are not just a writer. You are a wise and curious soul who draws the wisdom and curiosity from others.”

Listening is what I do best

Please let me know what’s on your mind and heart!